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About Marda Loop

Currently, the Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) represents over 130 merchants that are the soul of Marda Loop.

Our business members contribute to the annual BRZ fund that allows the Marda Loop BRZ to initiate several projects each year to help promote, maintain and enhance Marda Loop. Drive, walk or bike to Marda Loop and find everything you need.

Our History

The name Marda Loop comes from two significant South Calgary landmarks. The word "Marda" comes from the Marda Theatre (1953-1988), which was founded by Mark and Mada Jenkins. "Marda" was created by the merging of the founders names. The word "Loop" comes from a trolley car that made rounds through early Calgary’s downtown and outlying areas. It travelled as far as 34th Avenue and 20th Street, before "looping" back to the City Centre.

It wasn't long before the area became known as Marda Loop and, though both the trolley and the theatre are long gone, the name and the history are still an important part of the area.

Our Partners

Marda Loop Communities Association

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Richmond Knob Hill Community Association

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J&J Lawrence Photography

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Visual Hues Photography

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Where Life Connects

In the streets of Marda Loop, connections are made every single day. They are made at the local coffee shop, as friends catch up over a hot cup of coffee. They are made in restaurants, as families come together to share stories around great food. They are made in businesses, as people work together towards a common goal. These connections are the heartbeat of this community. Our tagline now represents this heartbeat, and serves as a daily reminder to us all of what makes Marda Loop a place we want to be.